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Ultimate Breakfast Sausage Casserole

I enjoy some homemade biscuits and sausage gravy that my mom would make for me as a kid. This ultimate breakfast casserole is the closest recipe I could get that reminds me of that along with eggs and cheese all in a single dish. If you’re like me and enjoy biscuits and sausage gravy, then you’ll love this! This dish is even better the next day.

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Easy Chicken Pot Pie

As a kid growing up, I enjoyed classic comfort foods. Especially when winter hits in Texas. So I decided to come up with a quick and easy chicken pot pie for the busy weeks. This recipe is the easiest and full of flavor, and kids love it!  Well, at least my nieces and nephews really like it. This recipe is super easy. All you need is already made pie crusts, left over chicken my favorite is left over rotisserie from the grocery store. A lot of grocery stores now sell their rotisserie chickens already pulled from the bone which will also save you […]

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Classic Comfort Chicken and Dumpling Soup

This Comfort Classic Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings recipe is a TX Foodie favorite.  It’s the ultimate comfort food dinner and is super easy to make!  Let’s face it; chicken for dinner is always a winner! When I talk to people they often times shy away from making this dish because they think they need to make homemade dumplings. Thats not correct, I use biscuit doe from the grocery store and it tastes fantastic. Now don’t get me wrong if you can make homemade dumplings then go for it it will be even more amazing!

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Tasty Brussel Sprouts

As a kid, I thought that Brussels sprouts were the most disgusting green veggie on planet earth (well, maybe second to spinach). I am pretty sure I have figured out why we didn’t like Brussels sprouts as kids.  If your parents were like mine, they boiled the life and taste right out of them! This past summer I went to my sisters lake house and she made Brussels sprouts to go with our dinner.  I wasn’t very excited about this because it was the only side dish.  Her and my lovely wife told me that if I’m going to be the TX […]

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What You Didn’t Know About Cheese

I think most people already own a cheese grater, but I bet they are outdated and don’t work very well. In this article, I will talk about the differences between pre-shredded cheese and grating your cheese along with a review of a TX Foodie favorite Rotary Cheese Grater. Lately, while making recipes that ask for shredded cheese, I have noticed they ask for “freshly grated” cheese. This got me to thinking why does it matter cheese is cheese. Wrong! I looked at the ingredients of a block of cheddar cheese and then a bag of pre-shredded cheese from the same […]

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Buc-ee’s Big Tamales

When we go on a road trip to Oklahoma or Galveston, one thing is for sure, we will be stopping at Buc-ee’s even if we don’t need gas. When you’re on a long road trip, Buc-ee’s is the place to grab some food, stretch your legs, and to the bathroom. They have the cleanest bathrooms I’ve ever been in, and they take pride in having the cleanest bathrooms. On our way home last weekend from Oklahoma, we stopped at Buc-ee’s, and we picked up a couple of packages of their pork tamales, along with several other things. Last night we […]