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The History Of The Cafe Americano

If you have been following me, you probably know by now I enjoy working from coffee shops while sipping on a Cafe Americano.  Years ago, when I started drinking coffee, I was drinking the sugary coffee drinks and quickly found out that I wasn’t going to work long-term being a diabetic.  So I started drinking regular coffee with cream, and since then, I stick to black coffee or an Americano. I came up with the idea for this post when I was in Oklahoma a few weeks ago drinking an Americano at Coffee Jerks.  What is the history of Americano Coffee? […]

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Terra Mediterranean

A group of folks and myself went to Terra Mediterranean located in Fort Worth’s West 7th area to check out their lunch buffet.  I’ve only had Mediterranean food one other time, so this is still relatively new to me.  I started off with a Caesar salad accompanied by their pasta salad, and they tasted like most other salads I’ve eaten.  Next, I moved in on the meats, and in my opinion, this buffet exceeds expectations in this area as there is an excellent selection of meat.  They got gyro’s, roasted chicken, saffron chicken, chicken kabob, baked kafta, kafta kabob, and beef moussaka.  […]

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Creamy Alfredo Tortellini And Sausage Soup

Early this week I wanted to make some soup so I started going through the list of soups I’ve made in the past. Nothing that I have made in the past sounded good right then. So I left soups and just started looking at other things. I came across this tortellini dish with alfredo sauce I’ve made in the past. I thought about it for a moment and said to myself what if I turn that into a soup? So I made sure that I had alfredo sauce & Italian ground sausage, feel free to use whichever alfredo sauce & […]

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Sweet & Spicy Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs

This dish is my goto recipe when I am looking to make something quick. It’s an excellent meal prepping for the week. To be honest, the best part of this dish is the sauce. You could easily use pre-maid meatballs in place of homemade.  Foodies, when I say the sauce makes this dish it’s no lie.  This sauce could be used on other dishes like lettuce wraps. TX Foodie followers, I hope you enjoy these Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs as much as I do. Remember to tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #txfoodierecipes if you end up making these!