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Buc-ee’s Big Tamales

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When we go on a road trip to Oklahoma or Galveston, one thing is for sure, we will be stopping at Buc-ee’s even if we don’t need gas. When you’re on a long road trip, Buc-ee’s is the place to grab some food, stretch your legs, and to the bathroom. They have the cleanest bathrooms I’ve ever been in, and they take pride in having the cleanest bathrooms.

On our way home last weekend from Oklahoma, we stopped at Buc-ee’s, and we picked up a couple of packages of their pork tamales, along with several other things. Last night we had them for dinner along with some of my Chicken Taco Soup. I used my food steamer to steam the tamales for about 45 minutes, if you don’t have a food steamer you can use your microwave, follow the heating instructions.

Buc-ee’s Big Tamales are delicious, hands down the best store-bought tamales I’ve eaten. I ate four tamales last night with a little cup of chicken taco soup. The masa is just thick enough to keep the tamale together without overpowering the pork filling inside.

If you haven’t been to a Buc-ee’s, the next time you see the billboard signs that your getting close to one, you need to swing by.

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  1. Th for Sharing the cheeses and the other places to eat now you have a blessed night.

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