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Perfect Reverse Seared Steak


When I finally tried the reverse sear cooking method on some ribeye steaks, that was when I decided I would never cook steaks any other way. This cooking method is low and slow to create the best flavors and then hot and fast at the end to lock in those mouth water flavors to create the perfect reverse seared steak. How to Reverse Sear on a Pellet Smoker It’s my opinion that this is the best way to cook a steak. Don’t get me wrong, grilled steak is good, but when you add the element of smoke to a piece […]

Pork Ribs Smoking
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Texas Style Pork Ribs

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Texas Style pork ribs were the next meat I learned to smoke after the whole chicken. I probably smoked about 2 dozen racks of ribs before really figuring it out. My favorite pork rib is baby back ribs. For this post I am doing baby back and St. Louis cut ribs. The Ribs There are three varieties and styles of pork ribs determined by the part of the pig. Some consider Country-Style Pork Ribs as ribs, I do not because ribs indicate there are bones. Country-style ribs are boneless and come from the loin or the shoulder, so you decide […]

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PitBoss Smoked Brisket


I’ve had my Pit Boss Pro Series 820 pellet smoker for a little over 6 months now and I haven’t smoked a full brisket until today. I typically use my Oklahoma Joe stick burner but with all the rain we have had lately I didn’t want to baby sit it in the rain. This morning I trimmed and seasoned a 13 lbs brisket. The seasoning I use for brisket is Killen’s Texas Salt & Pepper Blend. I have tried many different seasonings (rubs) on briskets and I just can’t get past the great flavor of salt and pepper on beef. […]