Leftover Pork Rib Taco Recipe
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Easy Leftover Pork Rib Tacos

Smoked barbecue makes some of the best leftover dishes. I love tacos, and this pork rib taco recipe is one of my favorites. For this recipe, I am using some extra St. Louis Style ribs; I smoked the other day. Leftover Taco Preparation Let’s start by heating a non-stick pan on medium heat. While the pan is warming up, it’s time to cut the rib meat off the bones and chop it up into small pieces. Now go ahead and put the chopped rib meat in the warm non-stick pan. For this dish, I like to throw some Sweet Baby […]

Pork Ribs Smoking
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Texas Style Pork Ribs

Texas Style pork ribs were the next meat I learned to smoke after the whole chicken. I probably smoked about 2 dozen racks of ribs before really figuring it out. My favorite pork rib is baby back ribs. For this post I am doing baby back and St. Louis cut ribs. The Ribs There are three varieties and styles of pork ribs determined by the part of the pig. Some consider Country-Style Pork Ribs as ribs, I do not because ribs indicate there are bones. Country-style ribs are boneless and come from the loin or the shoulder, so you decide […]

Smoked Chicken
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Smoked Beer Can Chicken

This smoked beer can chicken is a juicy and affordable way to make dinner for your family. It’s better than any grocery store rotisserie chicken. I try to buy whole chickens at Sams Club as they come two to a package and are pretty cheap, I hear Costco has the same offering two to a package. Chicken Rub I don’t like to use a lot of sweet rubs when smoking meats mostly because I’m a diabetic, and my wife is always watching what I’m eating. So my go-to chicken rubs are Salt Licks Garlic Dry Rub and Killen’s Texas BBQ Rub. […]

Easy Refreshing Cucumber Jalapeno Vinegar Salad
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Refreshing Cucumber Jalapeno Salad

This refreshing cucumber jalapeno salad is easy, light, and refreshing. It pairs nicely with Smoked Brisket or Pulled Pork and will be the next hit of your summer party. Let’s Talk Cucumbers Did you know that there are close to 100 varieties of cucumbers throughout the world? Most of them can’t be found here in America. We will be talking about the two most common varieties of cucumbers in this post. English Cucumbers For the best results, we like to use English Cucumbers, also called seedless or hothouse cucumbers. They will be long and skinny wrapped in plastic. There is […]

Healthy Breakfast Scramble
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Quick & Easy Healthy Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast is commonly known as “the most important meal of the day.” I know it’s essential for me to get a healthy breakfast after a long night of sleep. For me, this quick & easy healthy breakfast scramble recipe is my go-to for breakfast. When I say quick, I mean like 10 minutes. On Sunday’s I’ll cook either a package of sausage or bacon and use it through the week only needing to reheat it as I make the scrambled eggs and sautee the spinach and onions. Breakfast History I like the history of food, and I wanted to share […]

Smoked Fresh Salsa, lets eat
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Tasty Fresh Smoked Salsa

My favorite salsa from a restaurant has to be On The Boarders salsa. It’s just the right chunkiness and has the perfect freshness and heat taste. My favorite salsa to make is this tasty smoked fresh salsa recipe that I’m going to share with you. The smokiness that comes from putting the vegetables on the smoker is a game-changer for salsa. The Vegetables This tasty fresh smoked salsa recipe is going to be a little spicy. Here are the vegetables that will make this salsa. Purple Onions Whole Garlic Jalapenos Serrano Peppers Green Bell Pepper Red Ripe Tomatoes Cilantro 1 […]