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As most of you know I enjoy grilling & smoking food specifically meats. I had a dream a few years ago of starting a ministry called “Grilling For God”.

My dream some day is to have this ministry where men & women from all over can come together and serve great barbecue meals in times of disaster to our first responders and people that just need a good meal.

I have purchased the domain names and have just been sitting on them waiting on God to tell me its time. I still haven’t heard from God, but what I do feel is it’s time to start building a community of Christians who are passionate about grilling or smoking food and serving people.

This will be a group where Christian Grillers & Pit Masters can come together to share Recipes, Tips & Tricks, Pictures of your Food and and talk about God.

If you enjoy grilling or smoking bbq then I’d like to encourage you to join this Facebook Group by clicking on the image below. Just like my pastor Trademark Church tells us… “Don’t Do Life Alone, Do It In Community“!

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