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Terra Mediterranean


A group of folks and myself went to Terra Mediterranean located in Fort Worth’s West 7th area to check out their lunch buffet.  I’ve only had Mediterranean food one other time, so this is still relatively new to me.  I started off with a Caesar salad accompanied by their pasta salad, and they tasted like most other salads I’ve eaten.  Next, I moved in on the meats, and in my opinion, this buffet exceeds expectations in this area as there is an excellent selection of meat.  They got gyro’s, roasted chicken, saffron chicken, chicken kabob, baked kafta, kafta kabob, and beef moussaka.  By the way, did I mention already this is a buffet so get as much as you want!  As for the sides I stuck to the saffron rice and the roasted potatoes, I mean I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

The lunch buffet might seem a little pricey at $15 per person but it includes the tax and a drink, and if you like meat you can get your money’s worth at this buffet if you come hungry.  Also, remember if you park in the parking garage to get your ticket validated when you pay for your meal; otherwise your lunch will be $20 more expensive.  If you check this place out, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the food merely post them in the comments section.

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